WhaleTail Studio Universal Multi-Purpose Flash Diffuser Kit

Best WhaleTail Studio Universal Multi-Purpose Flash Diffuser Kit

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    The Gary Fong WhaleTail Studio Flash Diffuser Kit is a multi-purpose, all-in-one flash diffuser that fits virtually any shoe- or handle-mount flash. While similar to the smaller Reporter, this version is more ideal for use inside a studio, as it is substantially larger, providing a much stronger diffusion effect. Its innovative mounting design provides a secure and adjustable grip to any flash head, from a Nikon SB-600 to a Metz 45 handle mount. This means there’s only one model you need to buy, ever.

    The WhaleTail is a multi-purpose diffuser. It is also the first diffuser ever to offer rear-wall bouncing. For ultimate softness, the rear panel can be flipped up to provide an open back, which allows the light to bounce off a rear wall. Or, for standard bouncing, the top flap lifts up to allow for ceiling bouncing. Or keep both flaps closed, and use the forward curved design for more power.

    The WhaleTail also features a slot at its base for optional colored filters. This allows for warming, cooling, or special effect experimentation of the light output of the flash. Included with this kit are the filter set, the regular flaps, amber flaps, and chrome flaps. The complete system provides an ultimate range of versatility and light control.


    • Large diffuser for maximum light diffusion.
    • Its multi-directional design eliminates the need for a flash bracket.


    • Accessory Gel Kit
    • Standard Transclucent Flaps
    • Amber Flaps
    • Chrome Flaps
    • Instructional DVD Video

    Low price
    WhaleTail Studio Universal Multi-Purpose Flash Diffuser Kit